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At the core of the The Veloz Group lies the ventures created, developed and managed by our entrepreneurial team. While we have explored business ideas and worked with entrepreneurs in fields ranging from online gaming to EB-5 investing, the businesses we have launched and that we wholly own and operate are Beverly Hills Chairs, Ergonomics Direct, Custom Tobacco and Briarmont. We also serve as the lead developers for FlySpray, a popular open-source project management tool.

Through our digital office furniture properties, Beverly Hills Chairs, Ergonomics Direct and Fashionable Furnishings (a subsidiary of BHC), we have targeted an opportunity within the office furniture industry and have utilized our expertise in web development and digital marketing to build a leading presence as an e-tailer focused on ergonomic office seating.

Through Custom Tobacco, we have similarly leveraged our technological expertise to build a an e-commerce platform completely unique to the industry, highlighted by our design tool that allows users to create their own private-label cigars in real time. We sell Briarmont cigars through

In addition to operating the existing businesses launched under The Veloz Group, our team tries to look ahead by working on internal business ideas that have the capacity to become our next wave of ventures. While we tend to focus on synergistic opportunities, we are open exploring all great ideas that we have the capacity to take to market.


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